Life time of the product

To build easily and quickly at an affordable cost WorldHaus provides the solution of Rapid Panels

Durable constructions made with Rapid Panel system having excellent weathing capabilities and are resistant to fire, hurricanes and earthquakes because they are a steel and concrete structure with self extinguishing high density EPS foam core.

Comfortable atmosphere is created due to excellent thermal, acoustical and dampness insulation. Providing an average of 7 to 9 degrees of temperature modulation i.e. warmer in winter and cool in summers.

Fast construction speed. As using of these panels helps in reducing the time spent in construction by almost 35% to 40%.

Simple and easy to install, hence no specialized mason's and labour team is required for the same.

And Costs Less....

    * Less direct cost Vs existing construction methodologies
    * Less fixed cost due to faster construction time
    * Saving in electrical and plumbing installations
    * Light weight, hence saves on foundation, structure and material caring
    * Temperature insulation, saves AC and Heating equipment size as well as energy consumption.