Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

The WorldHaus construction system is a sustainable solution that saves energy, water, and other natural resources.  Our key environmental and economic benefits include:

Energy Efficiency: Indian families spent unnecessarily large sums of money cooling their uninsulated homes.  Reinforced concrete slabs roofs absorb and trap heat in the summer, increasing the need for air conditioning or fan cooling systems.

RapidPanels™ are non-toxic, sealed cell humidity resistant, and come with a thermal resistance(R) value of 12. A home built with insulated RapidPanels™ not only decreases summer indoor temperatures by up to 8°C, but can also reduce AC/cooling bills between 25-50%, reducing your home’s environmental impact and passing on significant savings over the lifetime of the home. Electricity bills can be further reduced with the installation of optional solar electric systems.

Water: With groundwater levels dropping precipitously in many parts of India, rainwater harvesting has become a necessity for millions of Indian families.  WorldHaus homes collect and filter rainwater in sumps and storage tanks, reducing the pressure on precious groundwater.

Building Materials: Homes built with SmartBlocks™ and RapidPanels™ save you significant amounts of money on cement, sand and steel, three commodities in increasingly short supply.  WorldHaus wall systems reduce concrete and steel demand by 52%, eliminating wastage found in columns and excess brick mortar.  RapidPanel™ roof slabs save 35% on concrete and 100% on reinforcement steel.  Most impressively, RapidPanel™ staircases reduce concrete usage by 57% and reinforcement steel by 100%.   WorldHaus technologies truly produce a greener and more cost-effective home.

 Temperature Control