How We Do It

WorldHaus serves both the low-cost and affordable housing sectors by attacking the largest sources of India’s increasing construction costs:

• Labor: WorldHaus’ rapid construction system reduces labor time and costs by 30-40%, eliminating the need for most time-intensive shuttering and curing processes.

• Reinforced Concrete: WorldHaus’ proprietary SmartBlock™ and RapidPanel™ system uses 20% less cement and sand and 80% less construction steel than traditional Indian masonry construction that relies on columns, beams, and cast in-situ roofing slabs.

• Foundations: WorldHaus’ lighter housing footprint and construction weight allows for reductions in foundation size, depth, and overengineering.

• Energy and Water: Our insulated RapidPanels™ decrease summer indoor temperatures by up to 8°C, reducing the demand for costly cooling systems. WorldHaus’ suite of renewable energy and rainwater harvesting solutions also bring down the cost of living to resident families years after construction.

• Turnaround Time: WorldHaus’ ability to build multi-story standalone houses in less than 30 allows our private developer partners the opportunity to sell units faster, reducing borrowing costs and increasing ROI on their developments.