Mission & Vision

Mission: Make High-Quality Housing Affordable for Every Family.

Vision: Tackle World’s Housing Crisis by Designing and Delivering One Million Homes With a Price and Amenities Within the Reach of all.

Our Model: WorldHaus believes to deliver Innovative and Technologically advanced solutions in Construction Industry to the common man and revolutionized the way contraction happens today.

WorldHaus is a "Design and Build" construction technology firm that delivers cost effective housing solutions at prices a better price than existing instructions, we achieve this through:

  • Continuous development of Construction processes
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Working with our customers to design structures by maximizing the speed, efficiency, and strength through WorldHaus’ proprietary technology suite.
  • Constructing Villla’s and Apartment buildings using WorldHaus’ RapidPanelTM construction system in half the time of existing systems.

WorldHaus is looking forward to partner with and mentor existing construction firms to build with our proprietary products like RapidPanelTM systems through sales, technical support, and construction supervision

Who We Serve: WorldHaus partners with private developers, construction companies, architects, structural engineers, NGOs, and government agencies with a desire to build homes for

  • Families Desiring Beautiful and Sustainable Homes at the best price.
  • People looking for faster and efficient solutions.
  • Morden technology for Stronger and Efficient Buildings

Our Core Values:

  • Sustainable Construction
  • Do Not Compromise on Quality.
  • Speed and Efficiency in work.
  • Be a Responsible Corporate Citizen Displaying Integrity and Transparency in Every Phase of Business.