Cement, sand and steel costs for the construction of columns, beams, and brick mortar are one of the largest factors in the rapid increase in construction costs in India.  To address this challenge and bring down the costs of the structure, WorldHaus has developed its SmartBlock™ wall construction system.

SmartBlock™ is a specially designed block system that is dry stacked, then automatically mortared through a network of channels throughout the wall structure, reducing wall construction time by up to 50%.  The SmartBlock’s™ unique alignment of holes and channels allows for steel reinforcement, plumbing and electrical pipes to be concealed within wall structure and built as part of the basic structure.  SmartBlocks™ are durable, with a compressive strength of at least 100 kg/cm2 and allow for disaster-resistant reinforced wall construction. 

Built using eco-friendly fly-ash waste material from coal-fired power plants, we produce building blocks that exceed the strength of typical building blocks with significantly less energy and resources.  SmartBlocks™ be used in residential constructions up to G+5 without any RCC frame structure and leave a clean and attractive finish that does not require plastering.  Most importantly for Indian families, SmartBlocks™ are manufactured to last a lifetime and be used like a traditional wall, allowing for post-construction addition of shelving or furniture, nailing, plastering or painting.

 Technology Comparison

SmartBlock™ Walls and RapidPanel™ Slabs

Conventional Construction

RCC Frame

Not required


Carpet Area

6-7% increase



Not required



Semi-skilled labor

Skilled labor

Floor/Roof Bearing Capacity

Up to 600 kg/m2

Typically 300 kg/m2

Wall Bearing Capacity

Up to 50,000 kg/m

None – RCC frame carries load

Building Weight




Embedded in structure and concealed

Added after construction by separate trade

Disaster Resistance

Designed per Indian NBC

Depends on contractor

Weather Resistance

Fully weather sealed

Depends on contractor