Conventional Construction versus New Rapid Panel Construction Technology

Construction a major factor in development of any real estate project. Construction contributes around more than 10% of Indian GDP and employing more than a billion workers annually.


Architectural engineering, also known as building engineering, is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. (Source-Wikipedia). Construction industry is the branch of manufacture and trade based on the building, maintaining and repairing structures. (Source-Standard Industrial classification).


The demand of construction work has increased due to several infrastructure projects being implemented by Government of India over a couple of years. The Pradhan mantri Awas Yojna i.e. Housing for all by 2022 has given scope to the construction workers to build nearly 30 million houses. This scope is enormous given the lack of skilled manpower and efficient technology to complete the project in time.


The traditional system of construction where builders used conventional materials like brick, cement, steel, stones, timber, glass, plastics, ceramics and other metals which lead to cost escalation and irrational use of natural resources. This also resulted in environmental degradation and other damages.


The conventional method of building also resulted in loss to the green environment as it resulted in energy and resource inefficiency.


The most influencing factor of construction i.e. the Quality of construction is also low since the labour utilized in building is unskilled. Hence most construction work is of low quality diminishing the very purpose of construction project.


Most construction projects are also delayed because the cost estimates goes wrong since the cost of materials involved increases with time and cost of workers also increases.


The conventional construction system requires long gestation period to complete a project and cannot meet the present requirement of housing shortages. So it is the time to adopt new construction technology which are fast paced as well meet the structural and functional requirements.

Looking to all these requirements various companies around the world has developed new methods of construction which are more efficient in terms of time taken and cost involved .India as a developing country also need to adopt these new methods of construction if the growing demand of construction work needs to be meet.


Worldhaus had developed an efficient method of construction which is known as Prefabricated Rapid panel. This panel is made of steel and combined with EPS (Expanded polystyrene).The Rapid panel system is designed for optimal use and reduction of waste materials like concrete and motor.


The Prefabricated Panel is build using precise engineering and manufacturing process which reduces the construction time by 50% and labor work.


The Rapid Panel is lightweight, inexpensive to transport and easy to modify as per requirement of project. The final product built using this Rapid panel is more presentable as compared to traditional construction but offers more resistance Earthquakes, thefts and breakthroughs making it a desired product for modern lifestyle.


The process of traditional versus Rapid panel construction is pictorially presented as below:

Worldhaus has over a period of years made various sustainable and efficient construction projects using Rapid panels which were affordable and saved the resources.


Below is the pictorial representation of time and resources saved using Rapid Panel system.

Thus Rapid Panel system of construction helps in building more efficient and cost effective buildings.


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