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Rapid Panel™ Stairs

RapidPanels™ can also be used to construct faster and high-strength staircases which are also cost effective. Anchored into floor and roof slabs and concreted on site, RapidPanel™ stairways use 40% reduction concrete and 30% lower labor time hence takes much lesser time than traditional concrete staircases with no additional reinforcement steel or shuttering required.

Worldhaus Construction Customer Process

RapidPanel™ Stairs Conventional Construction
RCC Frame Optional (Not required till G+3) Required
Seismic Seismic resistant due to lesser weight and distributive load structure Need to be designed to be Seismic Proof
Carpet Area 6-7% increase Standard
Constructability Semi-skilled labor Skilled labor
Floor/Roof Capacity (for 5”) 500 to 600 kg/m2 Typically 300 kg/m2
Wall Bearing Capacity Up to 7,500 kg/m None – RCC frame carries load
Building Weight Very lightweight Standard
Services Embedded in structure & concealed Added after construction by separate trade
Disaster Resistance Designed per Indian NBC Depends on contractor
Weather Resistance Fully weather sealed Depends on contractor