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Rapid Panel™ Walls

A much premium system which can be adopted into any type of building formats may it be RCC or Steel Structures or Load Bearing ones. One of the most robust, adaptable and efficient systems developed used over more than 30 years across world.

WorldHaus’ versatile RapidPanel™ System also has a efficient solution for construction of walls. Having choices of being used as load bearing walls or partition walls. Anchored into a standard foundation, RapidPanels™ are installed and plastered on both sides to create 5” thick walls constructed in a fraction of time compared to the conventional time consuming system. For customers looking for the stronger , temperature controlled as we as quick solution this the is best option. RapidPanel™ Wall Systems offer the following benefits:

1. Strength: Walls built with RapidPanels™ have a bearing capacity of up to 7500 kg/m, allowing multi-story construction.

2. Speed: RapidPanels™ are lightweight and can be carried and installed by semi-skilled laborers. Water supply and electrical conduits are concealed within wall and slab panels and built as part of the basic structure.

3. Comfort: Insulation within the RapidPanels™ provides internal temperature reductions of up to 8°C compared to typical construction, reducing energy use on cooling and increasing comfort.

4. Aesthetics: Most importantly, homes build with RapidPanels™ have the look and feel of RCC construction, giving families the pride of owning a beautiful Indian home that they can have for life.

5. Longevity – Walls built with RapidPanels™ consist of three materials that don’t deteriorate over time – concrete, steel, and polystyrene. With proper care and maintenance, RapidPanel™ walls are built to last your lifetime and your grandchildren’s. tenance, RapidPanel™ slabs are built to last your lifetime and your grandchildren’s.

6. Seismic Proof : Homes built with RapidPanels™ are seismic proof. This also makes them structurally resistant to hurricane force winds.

7. Affordable: Even after using high strength steel along with a long list of beneficial characters listed above we are still affordable. With 30% reductions in labor time and 35% reduction in concrete and steel make walls built with RapidPanels™ more efficient than traditional construction. By keeping building weight to a minimum, RapidPanels™ also allow foundation and structural frames to be designed optimally.

8. Versatility: The RapidPanels™ are easy to cut and bend in any direction and shape arches, windows, doors, sills, façade, etc. Its high strength and stiffness in the joints, allowing the application to all types of construction. Regarding his final appearance, once covered with mortar, can give the desired finish (fine, rustic, painting, Tyrol, carpet, wood, tile, etc.)

Worldhaus Construction Customer Process

RapidPanel™ Walls Conventional Construction
RCC Frame Optional (Not required till G+3) Required
Seismic Seismic resistant due to lesser weight and distributive load structure Need to be designed to be Seismic Proof
Carpet Area 6-7% increase Standard
Constructability Semi-skilled labor Skilled labor
Floor/Roof Capacity (for 5”) 500 to 600 kg/m2 Typically 300 kg/m2
Wall Bearing Capacity Up to 7,500 kg/m None – RCC frame carries load
Building Weight Very lightweight Standard
Services Embedded in structure & concealed Added after construction by separate trade
Disaster Resistance Designed per Indian NBC Depends on contractor
Weather Resistance Fully weather sealed Depends on contractor