Rapid Panel

Rapid Panel™ Slab

The shuttering, casting and curing of typical RCC roofing slabs is one of the largest users of time and resources in residential construction.At WorldHaus, we utilize the world-famous Covintec® construction system of cast in-situ pre-fabricated panels that allow construction teams to install and cast floor slabs and load-bearing roof in a fraction of the time of traditional systems.


Rapid Panel™ Walls

A much premium system which can be adopted into any type of building formats may it be RCC or Steel Structures or Load Bearing ones. One of the most robust, adaptable and efficient systems developed used over more than 30 years across world. WorldHaus’ versatile RapidPanel™ System also has a efficient solution for construction of walls. Having choices of being used as load bearing walls or partition walls.


Rapid Panel™ Stairs

RapidPanels™ can also be used to construct faster and high-strength staircases which are also cost effective. Anchored into floor and roof slabs and concreted on site, RapidPanel™ stairways use 40% reduction concrete and 30% lower labor time hence takes much lesser time than traditional concrete staircases with no additional reinforcement steel or shuttering required.